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What the Dinner Table Taught Me About Leadership:
Sharing our Stories to Elevate Others

We can all agree that life brings us many obstacles. It’s what we do with these experiences that make us who we are. 

Your unique journey is what brought you to where you are, and everyone has a story worth sharing. Since the beginning of time, people have been sharing stories as a way to connect, so why should that stop when you walk into the office? Why do we feel the need to put on a mask and be someone we’re not when we go to work?

Personal stories help us connect in meaningful ways to the people around us and give platforms to lift each other up. It’s bringing these experiences into the workplace that creates a pathway toward authentic leadership that elevate teams and move mountains.

Sarah shares her personal story through family conflict, being an expat, and battling an eating disorder to showcase the lessons that can be derived from every challenge that comes our way. She uses these experiences and many more to shape the way she leads her teams.

Keynote takeaways:

  • Elevate your team through authenticity and vulnerability

  • Increase engagement and commitment on your team

  • Enhanced workplace culture where everyone is welcome

About Sarah

Sarah has over 10 years of operational strategy experience in various industries including luxury hotels, retail, and internet technology. She also has experience navigating business across cultures from her time working in Madrid, Spain where she crafted and facilitated leadership training programs for major corporations including Ford Motor Company, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Bassat Ogilvy and Bolsa de Madrid (Spanish Stock Exchange). Following her time in Spain, Sarah was the Manager of Employee Culture for RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. and currently serves as the Director of Customer Support at Mailchimp - a marketing platform for small businesses. Sarah is passionate about optimizing efficiency, leadership development, and improving the bottom line through effective people strategies. She has extensive management experience leading teams from 2 to 200 people, and she prides herself on instilling leadership and talent practices to revolutionize the way companies do business.

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What Others are Saying

I had the pleasure of hearing Sarah speak at Mavenly + Co.’s Women, Worth, and Work conference, and I am so grateful that I got to hear from her. Sarah’s unique strategic outlook on work-life balance created a fundamental shift in how I structure my own workweek. I’m still feeling the impact, nearly a year after the event. I hope I get to catch her at a future conference!
— Nicole King, Boston Consulting Group | Women Work + Worth Conference - July 2018
Sarah is amazing, and by providing her insight and knowledge, she is allowing me to learn new ways of thinking, which I can already see helping me do my job better better.
— Anonymous | Support Driven Expo - July 2017
Sarah is like an alien of a manager who does all the right things. She reads between the lines, develops her team, see people’s strengths and weaknesses and plays upon them. She gives tough love and she is also encouraging.
— Airlia Perez, Hiscox Insurance
Sarah is truly an expert in her field. I’m always impressed by the knowledge she brings to the table and how she uses her real life experiences to help me relate to and understand her systems. In addition to sharing amazing content, she always provides clear, actionable steps, so I know exactly what to do next to get the best results.
— Haley Humiston, Haley Grand Designs


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